Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

2022 is gone…and that’s welcomed! 

My “words of the year” aka my intentions for 2022 were “grow” and “build”, I have grown personally, but I have not grown the business - much the opposite in fact. Everything has collapsed around me for the most part!

2022 didn’t go to plan…and that’s okay!

I had a few goals I wanted to hit in 2022, unfortunately my health got in the way. This hurt me quite a bit emotionally - my pride IS damaged - and physically I was on death’s door (that’s scary to admit). I spent the whole year unemployed, over half the year with Sew Last Summer closed, four months of that on a specialist hospital ward because I had a perforated bowel and sepsis. I genuinely thought my world had crashed and burned around me, and that there wasn’t any getting out of here.

As I write this on my hospital bed, with a solid end date, looking back on how I got to that point, and where I am now, it’s emotional. (The background is one of my favourite songs - Earthsong by Michael Jackson, it really ties in well).

It doesn’t seem necessary for me to have all of that pain and suffering. But it happened, and it’s gonna take a lot of ongoing therapy.

2022 wasn’t all bad - I gained friends and insight. I nurtured my relationships (especially with my sister, my partner, and my best friend Cyrene). We grew our family by adopting Ronnie - it seems silly to say it, but this little Romanian dog gave me another something to fight for. 

I fucking fought. Hard. 

2023 will be hard…and I accept that.

I have to start again, something that honestly terrifies me. My body has changed, my mind has changed, my needs have changed and so has my life. I won’t be able to work a full time “regular” job, or work outside of my home due to increased risk of infection to my lifeline - my PICC line - where I get my calories and nutrients pumped in, because my bowel is crap. I know I have surgery and months in hospital for 2023, so I can emotionally prepare did that.

That’s why this year I have 4 words of the year. 

Balance. Bloom. Intentional. Nourish.

I’m excited to share why I’ve chosen these words as my intentions, my words of 2023, over the next few weeks.

Peace, love & a healthy gut,

Tiffany xo
Founder & Owner of Sew Last Summer

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