My personal favourites from the new collection

My personal favourites from the new collection

Club Tropicana officially launched on yesterday 29th June, and I am so excited about this collection.

This Summer collection is about joy, bright colours and being able to “get away” even if you can’t physically go somewhere. I haven’t been on a “holiday”, not even for a weekend in 5 years, and I needed an escape myself. 

As always, all of this collection is handmade by me in Essex, UK made using textiles rescued from landfill which includes a mix of deadstock and end of roll fabrics, and second hand fabrics which are either vintage, from online sellers or charity shops.

Here are my top 5 favourites from the collection - you can view the whole collection and get yours here. Of course this was a hard choice, and these are in no particular order

1. Tutti Frutti

Wow! How incredible are these colours? Do you remember Barney the Dinosaur? This is a really quirky abstract print on a super soft cotton-like viscose, the colours are a fun fuschia, and gorgeous green (which are the exact same shades as Barney)! 

Tutti Frutti is truly a unique fabric, and easily one of my favourite fabrics of all time.

I’ll be wearing my classic knot headband version of this to lift the pinks in my summer outfits, or to break up black, white and pink monochrome looks all year round.

Available as: scrunchies (mini, large and mega), stretch, knot, regular and large scrunch headbands.


2. Chi Chi

Bold, quirky and full of life, Chi Chi is made from 100% cotton deadstock fabric, and you might recognise it from some limited edition make up bags I made almost 3 years ago! 

Peacocks represent new life, confidence and strength - which all resonate very deeply with me. After recent battles with my Crohn’s disease, and surgery 6 weeks ago, I feel like I’ve been given a new lease of life, and more strength. I’ll definitely be strutting about in my knot headband this summer to add a pop of colour to my basic white tee and cycling shorts outfits.

A perfect statement piece, stand out in the crowd with Chi Chi.

Available as: scrunchies (mini, large and mega), stretch, knot and large scrunch headbands.

3. Paloma

A punchy hot pink, with a cute white pin stripe, Paloma will fit in perfectly with my wardrobe, and is the perfect summer accessory to wear to all of the Barbie themed parties and the film this July. I can not wait to see the Barbie movie (you may have guessed from the many Barbie memes I share on Instagram).

This fabric was kindly sent to me in a fabric swap from my friend Fern aka Veronica Velveteen (Fern makes the most gorgeous, ethical underwear and clothing, and I promise her pants feel incredible). 

Paloma reminds me of classic deckchairs which you see all along the British coast in summer from Brighton to Banger, Skegness to Southend. 

Available as: scrunchies (mini, large and mega), stretch headband, and knot, regular and large scrunch headbands.


4. Dreamer

 If you’re looking for something a little calmer, or muted then Dreamer is for you. Why do I love Dreamer? It reminds me of sea waves with the shades of pale blue and the marbled effect of the pattern.

Dreamer is calm and wild at the same time, and truly beautiful. This is actually a Nobody’s Child deadstock, I can’t believe they sent this to landfill! Thankfully, my supplier picked it up so I could make gorgeous handmade hair accessories for you (and me).

I don’t wear a lot of blue, but I’ll be styling the Dreamer knot headband with a baggy t shirt and denim shorts at the beach with some flip flops for a stylish but easy look!

Available as: scrunchies (mini, large and mega), stretch headband, and knot, regular and large scrunch headbands.


5. Margarita 

Hottie alert! 🚨 Stay cool, but look hot this summer (and every season), Margarita is the perfect choice to lift your mood, and your outfits, featuring lilac, coral, berry and off white tones in a wave effect pattern, on viscose crepe. This fabric has a lovely texture, and because of its warm and cool tones, it will go with everything.

I’ll be rocking my Margarita regular scrunch headband with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, whether it’s with my baggy tees and leggings for a dog walk, or with my denim dress for a cute look that will take me from picnic in the park, to evening in the pub garden with ease.

Available as: scrunchies (mini, large and mega), stretch headband, and knot, regular and large scrunch headbands.



That’s my round up of my top 5 favourites from the new collection, Club Tropicana, are any of these in your top 5? Let me know your favourites in the comments! 

You can shop the whole collection now right here.

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