A Beginner’s Guide to Hair Accessories (part one)

A Beginner’s Guide to Hair Accessories (part one)

“Hair accessories” is the phrase on everyone’s lips, but if you’ve been living with cheap hair elastics your whole life, it’s tough to know where to start.

I was completely out of my depth when I first started making hair accessories three years ago, and wished there was a simple, easy-to-understand guide to knowing which ones are best for me. This is why I created this blog post to outline the basics of everything you need to know about hair accessories so that you can start your journey to looking good and feeling confident.

Where to start?

Now I know what you’re thinking - where do I begin?

The first step is knowing your hair type and length - is it fine, thin, greasy, thick? The best accessory for you will depend on your hair type. There are no hard and fast rules (that’s the joy of slow-fashion), but there are some basics. In this guide, I’ll talk you through some of our best-selling hair accessories, and how they will benefit you.


Large hair scrunchies

Six large size hair scrunchies in different colours, patterns and materials. The colour palette is lilac, pink and orange.

Great for: medium - long hair, medium weight hair, messy buns

A time-tested classic that’s been around for 5 decades (yikes, now I feel OLD). The scrunchie is a classic for a reason - they’re timeless, effortless and great for showing off your personality. Large scrunchies are suitable for most hair types, and anything that’s medium or longer. Looking for a super easy style? They’re absolutely perfect for messy bun styles!

Mini hair

Three mini scrunchies - one is good velvet, one is brown satin, and the third one is orange and neutral toned micro floral.

Great for: fine hair, thin hair, short hair, half up-half down styles

These bite sized beauties are perfect if (like me) you’ve got thin, fine hair, or short hair. They’re made with a slightly shorter elastic than our “large“ scrunchies, and less fabric, making them great when you’ve got less hair.

If you want something to help make your hair look fuller, try a half up half down look with a fun mini scrunchie!

Classic knot headbands/Alice

8 classic knot headbands in various colours, patterns and textures. The colour palette is pink and red.

Great for: all head sizes, a classic look, all hair lengths and thickness

Another classic, the headband - there are so many different styles, and they’re thought to have been inspired by the Ancient Greek and Roman hair wreaths, how cool? Here at Sew Last Summer our best-selling product is the classic knot headband (closely followed by the large scrunchies). Why? They’re easy to wear - just slide one on! They’re suitable for all hair lengths, all hair types and the best way to uplift dull outfits without seeming ‘too much’.


I hope this guide has helped you to know which accessory is going to get you on your way to looking good and feeling confident. Are you still not sure? Well luckily for you, I have a handy part two guide coming up soon too (that I’ll be sure to link here) and you can always leave a comment telling me all about your hair for a free recommendation!

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