Barbie outfits I wish I owned…and the accessories I would style them with!

Barbie outfits I wish I owned…and the accessories I would style them with!

Barbie mania is taking over, and as a huge lifelong Barbie fan, I’m so here for it!

To celebrate the Barbie Movie coming out July 2023, I know I’ll be heading to see it in a Barbiecore outfit on my own. 

I’ve been researching Barbie fashion for inspiration to take from my wardrobe, but I thought it would be fun to pick some of my personal favourite Barbie’s/outfits and which Sew Last Summer accessories I would pair them with!

At Sew Last Summer I create joyful, handmade hair accessories from textile waste, so you can look good, feel good and do a little good for the planet.

My store has a lot of pink products, but I wanted this blog post to have a little more thought. I hope you love my curation!


Olympic Skater Barbie

This Barbie was definitely one of my favourites as a young girl in the 90s, and it’s one of the first ones I looked up. Being an Olympic Skater, Barbie is gonna need to keep her hair tied up and out of the way, so she can perform her fantastic routines! That’s why I’d be styling her with my funky retro print scrunchie in the mega size, the turquoise and lilac matches perfectly with her skirt, and will keep her hair nice and secure - without compromising on her style!

OG Barbie

 OG Barbie needs a pop of colour, in my opinion. Sure, she has her sunglasses on her head, but what about when she wears them on her face? I’d add a Paloma large scrunchie headband to her outfit, the bold pink with stripe pattern does clash, but I am all about pattern classic, especially two of the same pattern e.g. stripes. Plus, this fun headband screams beach day to me, as it reminds me of a deckchair!

Hearing Aid Barbie

Part of the newer line up of Barbie’s that are more diverse, Hearing Aid Barbie from the Fashionistas line has the cutest shift dress with a big white collar, she has little pink hearing aids which match her bright pink boots - which I love as someone who only wears flats. I think Barbie could add an even more playful touch to her look with a large size emo chalk graffiti scrunchie which features a chalk effect print in matching shades of pale pink, yellow peach and white, on a black background.


In-Line Skate Barbie

Now I know they went with the original skating Barbie for the new Barbie Movie, but growing up in the 90s this was skating Barbie to me, I clearly remember this whole outfit, and really wanting those skates! The translucent wheels are so 90s! Now obviously, when Barbie is skating she is gonna be wearing her helmet, but when she takes it off, she might wanna hide her helmet hair - and what better way than with a sugar pink regular scrunchie headband. Effortlessly cool and easy to wear, I think Barbie would love this.

Wheelchair used Barbie Fashionista

Like I said earlier, the past few years Barbie have really been doing well to create a more diverse line with the Fashionista line which includes Barbies with different disabilities, different skin tones, different body shapes and sizes - of course it’s because Mattel is a corporation and likes money, but they have realised the power of the purple pound. This Barbie is wearing a really fun rainbow stripe dress (queer coded?) and a really cute bumbag/waist bag which matches her white trainers. She has some seriously cute glasses, but she is missing a little something if you ask me! I’d pair this look with the rainbow paradise stretch headband - it’s easy to wear, really fun and with playful deckchair vibe stripes.

 Country Western Barbie

Country Western Barbie has a lot going on, with her huge, bold and colourful skirt, and the fringing on her shirt, and a pink hat which really doesn’t look that comfortable. I know sometimes fashion means pain, but I really don’t think it should. I think Barbie could add a colourful accessory like the purple textured lace scrunchie in a mini size, simple at first but when you get up close, you can see the lace detailing. This would be great for wearing it in a half up, half down style so she can keep her hair volume!


I really enjoyed doing this, and I am thinking of doing a part two as there are so many iconic Barbie looks - what do you think? Let me know! And if you have a Barbie in mind you’d like me to style, drop me a comment!

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Thanks so much Rebecca! She’s actually on my list – she was one of my favourites too, so I’m glad someone else is on my wave length.

Tiffany @ Sew Last Summee

My favourite match here is the hearing aid barbie and emo chalk scrunchie. Please do gymnast barbie from 1993. I loved her because she was so flexible and had flat feet so she could stand up without shoes.


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